How to Keep Your Carpet Fresh

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One of the worse things to happen to your home is to have a carpet that looks soiled and dirty. Carpets that look that way are not conducive to health. It won’t just ruin the appearance of your home, but it will also turn your guests away for fear that they’ll be contracting diseases because of your dirty carpet. 

If you want to keep your home fresh smelling, then you must start with your carpet. It must be cleaned on a regular basis, or else it will look old and tattered faster than expected. You must also know that vacuuming is not enough. You need to hire professional carpet cleaners Pueblo CO to get the job done in the right way.  

Different Types of Carpet Issues  

You might notice other problems with your carpet more than just it’s dirty and needs major cleaning. Below is a list of the things that need to be addressed on your carpet as well. Again, a professional carpet cleaner may help you out.  

1. Carpet indents.  

There are many reasons why your carpet may have those unsightly indentations. They are usually caused by heavy objects that are sitting on your carpet for the longest time, like furniture. Indentations make the carpet look tired and dirty. Be sure that you move your furniture around when you invite the carpet cleaners to work on your carpet. 

2. Dirt in the areas with high foot traffic. 

It’s a given that there will be a lot of dirt in the areas where there’s major foot traffic inside your home. Expect that the walkways and the areas where the couches are places are dirtier than the part near the corners. Make those areas the indication of whether you need to call in the professional cleaners or not.  

3. Heavy soiling  

Carpets get heavily soiled in the areas that are near exit and entry points. This is because they’re the ones that are likely to catch all the dirt brought in from the outside. Vacuum these areas every day to make sure that dirt and other debris don’t get deep into the fibers of the carpet.  

4. Staining  

A stain is one of the major problems you’ll also encounter on your carpet. Anything that spills on the carpet may cause staining. If that happens, be sure to remove the problem as soon as possible. You must have a commercial stain remover handy so you can work on removing the stain before it gets permanent and very difficult to remove.  

5. Bad odor  

Carpets are prone to absorbing the foul odor as well. The fibers are notorious for locking the bad smell around you. So, try to minimize bad odor circulating inside your home. Start by not smoking inside. You should also make sure that the smell in your kitchen and laundry stays there and not into the carpeted parts of your home.  

These tips should help you extend the lifespan of your carpet. Follow them and get additional tips from reputable carpet cleaners near you. Carpets are huge investments so it is only right that you take care of it very well all year long.  

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